Lovely photoshoot with a new arrival and parents in their home


Little baby George had not been in the world for many days when his parents, Lauren and Sam, asked whether I was available to get some photographs of him at a few weeks old so that they could look back in years to come and relive his first days.  A new arrival to the family is a perfect time for a Life Moments photoashoot.

By photographing him in his own home in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, a level of comfort and convenience was available that could never be replicated in a studio.  Which was lucky; as George didn't necessarily want to play the game at all times during his photoshoot!  He could be forgiven as his tiny age though ... that's what babies do!

The aim of our Life Moments shoot was to create some beautiful, timeless images where we captured the real essence of George without the need to pose him in any unnatural manner.  A keen eye is always needed in photography but especially with a session like these, as it's the little unexpected moments and fleeting facial expressions that really make for the very best images.  Waiting for light and subject to be 'just right' is key.  Throughout our session, we managed to create many great images that hint at what a lovely little boy he is and what fantastic parents he has.

Beautiful outdoor engagement photshoot in the countryside


Hayley was so excited about her engagement to Nathan that she decided not that long after she said 'Yes' she wanted a photoshoot to mark the occasion!  This is a true Life Moment and a photoshoot I was absolutely delighted to be able to participate in.

The happy couple's photoshoot was an outdoor one that took place in two locations in the Lincolnshire Wolds; Biscathorpe and Welton-le-Wold.  Hayley was keen that their photographs were in a quiet setting with as few other people around as possible.  We found these great locations which were definitely peaceful and where her and Nathan could enjoy be loved-up in the tranquil environment.

The first part of the photoshoot took place in Biscathorpe.  Despite being slightly nervous to start with, the couple soon relaxed and we were able to create some fantastic images using the bridges, open countryside and roads that wind through the gently rolling hills.  What a great location!  We then moved up the road a little way to near the village church which provided some more settings for beautiful relaxed photographs.  Once we had made the short drive through the Wolds to Welton-le-Wold, we made the use of the wonderful natural backdrop that the village offers.  By the end of their Life Moments session, the couple were really comfortable in front of the camera and were able to naturally pose themselves!  I'm really looking forward to working with this gorgeous couple again soon and creating more memories of special occasion in their lives.

Great fun home photoshoot with big sister and her new baby brother


It's always lovely to meet new clients and having the chance to photograph this fantastic little family along with their newest addition was a real pleasure.  This Life Moments photoshoot took place on a dreary morning in the comfort of the family's home in South Reston, Lincolnshire.

I had a great time getting some beautiful natural shots of Florrie and three-week-old Dexter along with their parents, Natalie and Alan.  It's always very helpful when youngsters are engaged from the moment their photoshoot begins and I certainly didn't need to encourage Florrie to 'perform' for the camera!

We began Florrie and Dexter's Life Moments photoshoot with some shots whilst Florrie played and allowed her to get used to the camera being around - not that it took long!  A natural model, she soon engaged in some fun poses that showed her true character.  Next, we turned to Dexter to get some lovely little detail images and then progressed to some photographs in different outfits.  The sun began to peek through the rainy weather from time to time and that provided a perfect opportunity to capture some gorgeous natural light, window-lit shots of Florrie alone plus with her parents.  I can't wait for another session with this delightful bunch.

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